School History

Formerly called “Po Leung Kuk Children Training Centre”, the school was converted in 1979 from a Training Centre for Mentally Handicapped Children of Po Leung Kuk to an aided special school, providing special education service for the moderate-grade mentally handicapped children of ages between 6 to 18. In 1982, the school took over the Mentally Handicapped Unit of the School-aged Children’s Dormitory to set up the Boarding Section of the school, to provide educational, recreational and rehabitational boarding service for needy students. In April 1989 the school was reprovisioned with a new premises funded by the government & Yu Lee Mo Fan Charitable Foundation and was renamed: “Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School”, and in 1999, the Boarding Section was relocated from the Po Leung Kuk Headquarter to Tung Lam Court, Hing Tung Estate in Shaukeiwan.


Class Organization

There are 14 classes in 23/24 academic year, 6 in the primary section and 8 in the secondary section. Allocation of classes are based mainly on age and ability. In order to meet the students’ special needs, students may also be allocated remedial teaching groups.


Student age and gender statistics













Other Special Needs