Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers,


The 2019 coronavirus disease ravages the whole of Hong Kong, which has a lot of impact on the study and life of students. During the suspension of face-to-face classes, we have not only provided online classes for students, but also produced e-learning resources for various subjects, teaching videos, and therapy classes, so that the objective of “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning” can be achieved. The success of class resumption today is undoubtedly due to the close collaboration and trust of our staff and parents!


The development of the school has not stopped because of the pandemic. In our school’s current three-year development cycle, the first area of concern is “Optimizing digital campus culture, enhancing effectiveness of management and learning & teaching”. In recent years, the school has been actively optimizing various e-platforms to promote e-learning, so that parents can easily follow up on children’s learning, physical and mental conditions. The implementation of e-administration, such as the development of the attendance system and e-class, has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative work at school. Moreover, our school website has been launched with a brand-new image. To take into account the needs of parents and staff, the new website allows parents to view “Instant Messages” and “School Announcements” anytime, anywhere. Parents can also communicate with our staff through the “Group Messages” which can boost the efficiency of home school communication.


Another area of concern is “To accommodate the needs of students’ growth, develop their diverse potentials, and cultivate whole-person development”. Based on the core value of our school being “People-oriented”, we focus on students’ diverse development, and encourage them to participate in activities, competitions and services. Coupling with the values ​​of “Professionalism-oriented” and “Quality-oriented”, our team of staff keeps demonstrating our professional spirit under adversity, and provides diversified, practical support to students, parents and staff.


It is my pleasure that we can co-work with all parents and staff. I believe we can create a learning campus with loving-care for students, unleash their potentials and enjoy a happy school life.



Principal Lam Kwok Wai, Denny